The Collection

PharaGods is a project composed of 3 NFT Collections hand crafted by Matt Millard in collaboration with David Masson. We unified the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable, cutting edge product.

They have helped design the look of iconic characters for some of the largest films out there: Ready Player One, Venom, Wonder Woman, X-Men Dark Phoenix, Mulan, It Chapter 2, Lost In Space, A Wrinkle In Time, and most recently Thor: Love and Thunder and WandaVision with Marvel Studios.


"3 NFT collections that give you access to our exclusive holders-only areas with daily community events.

Network, Make friends, Create clans, and Fight together!"

Have you ever seen such a detailed collection? Our experienced artists nailed the finest details of the PharaGods Stay tuned! The PharaGods shall rise.


We have allocated 70% of all secondary sales royalty for our holders.

You can sell your own NFT in our MetaVerse museum where there are thousands of other people.

You will also be a part of our brand and get royalties from all our upcoming collection sales.

Holders will be able to stake their NFTs through our website and collect a daily yield in our native token $PGO.

Members-only merch designed by top-of-the line merchandise providers.

Holder Lottery where all holders win something (from discounts to fully paid trips to Egypt depending on your PharaGods level.


Our Goal is to awaken all Ancient Gods, The time has come to create


0% - welcome to the community

From ancient history, the PharaGods are regrouping to form the ultimate stronghold. PharaGods is our first collection inspired by ancient Egyptian Gods and they will generate the most rewards from all royalties of this release and all our future releases. We have allocated 70% of all secondary sales royalty for our holders.


20% - as an army, we move as one

Implementation of voting and suggestions systems for our NFT holders. we have launched a private channel for PharaGods owners, where can have access to thought leadership pieces, networking opportunities, and curated ancient gods content.


40% - We have launched the world’s first ancient museum in the metaverse, and you’re part of the family!

We want all future generations to learn about Ancient Gods. We bought a land in NFT-World and started building the first ancient museum. Here’s the real long-term play…we are excited to share that ownership of a PharaGods NFT gives you fractional ownership of our Metaverse ancient museum. We are serious about growing and mobilizing this community, and this allows us the chance to continually give back to our earliest adopters. We could, perhaps, develop to a point where we rent & sell space in our Metaverse Museum to traditional museums seeking to expand virtually.


60% - Tansitioning to Miecra ( A new platform from NFT-World)

Due to the recent ban of NFTs from minecraft, We had to stop operations in their server. Right now, we are waiting NFT-WORLD to release their new platform so we can transition our current world there and continue building on it.


80% - holder rewards & advantages

Here is what is coming in stage 3 of the development. -Mythical flying dragon integration, P2E minigames, RPG dungeons, PVP arena.- PVP tournament, onboard other NFT collections, bring new players, merge other communities, sell real estate, enable farming.


100% - time to share the loot

We want to have a positive impact in the sphere, and help people in need.That’s why PharaGods will donate to Feed The Children, a non-profit organization focused on alleviating childhood hunger. We’ve allocated 5% of all secondary sales royalty for the charity in order to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition in vulnerable communities worldwide. At PharaGods, being transparent is at the heart of our priorities. That’s why we’ll record the donation and will post it, to share it with the entire world. And show the industry that things can change.


Our team boasts a large range of experience and deep knowledge
from their years at several majors.